Last week, Team Scintilla enjoyed our first Away Day since before the pandemic.

Since then, the size of the team has doubled , & we have opened our second office in Manchester.

Our day in Lockerbie was the first time the whole of Squad Scintilla has been in one room since our newest recruit, Elly Meyers, joined us back in January and we were predictably welcomed, in true Scottish fashion, by a torrential downpour! That short, 15 minute walk from station to hotel quickly descended into a sodden slog through the quaint town streets. There was a whole lot of dripping in that hotel foyer…

However, we arrived in good spirits and were ready to challenge ourselves and each other.

The purpose of this trip was to ensure our team was aligned on our values as a company and individuals. It was a chance for our SMT to update everyone on the work they had been doing in the background, looking ahead to what the Future of Scintilla is going to look like and open the floor to discussion.

Since our last Away Day in 2019 (a lifetime ago!) the company looks a little different. Not only do we have our Manchester office, but a brand new location in Glasgow and larger team. We have expanded in both roles and experience and this was a chance to encourage all voices to be heard.

To be in one room gave us the opportunity to have meaningful conversations and share ideas. Among topics for discussion were, what challenges are facing technology globally, the current landscape of the IP industry and the world at large. Our Business Development manager, Kenny Wiggins, kept us on track and our sessions structured and productive.

Whilst there were plenty of important and enlightening conversations over the course of the day and a half, there was also plenty of laughter. I, as our Marketing Executive, decided that it was on my shoulders to lighten the mood in the room. Patent Attorney’s can get a little doom and gloom when given the chance, and I was not going to let that ruin our first big opportunity for team building!

Before each session I devised an Ice Breaker. Some very interesting truths were revealed, as well as the questionable drawing skills of most! This was a chance to encourage communication and inject some humour into an otherwise fairly intense subject matter.

In the evening, we had a Team Quiz from our Quiz Mistress Extraordinaire, Marta Guarisco! She knocked it out of the park with us put into three teams, complete with music AND picture rounds!

In the end, our Paralegal Sinead walked away triumphant, with her team handing her the winner’s trophy (pictured proudly holding it below 😊 )


By the end of the experience there was a lot of learning, thought provoking insights and take-aways. One of my own is that we all take quizzes a little too seriously!

Here’s to the next 12 months of Scintilla!

-Gemma Clark



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