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Computer implemented inventions in the US, is your invention “rooted in computer technology”?

Historically, the law in the America regarding computer implemented inventions, CIIs, has been more flexible than in Europe. Following the infamous Alice decision held in 2014, the USPTO has changed its approach in assessing subject matter eligibility, generating greater uncertainty around the patentability of CIIs.   In brief, the USPTO operates a two-part test. In […]

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Intellectual Property Bill passes through parliament

Last week highlighted the importance of intangible assets in the UK economy and showed the wheels of democracy slowly turning to improve protection of your intellectual assets.   Government figures published on 31 March show that UK investment in intangible assets now totals £137.5 billion and nearly half of this investment, £65.6 billion, was protected […]

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Patent Search for Santa

Patents can sometimes be a bit dry and at Scintilla we’re in the holiday mood, so I thought it would be festive to search for Santa-related patents, using a free patent search service. I may not have found Santa, but I did find his “illusionary trail”.   Searching for Santa Patent searching is a critical […]

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Welcome to Scintilla!

Welcome to the updated Scintilla website! Thanks to Andy Bancroft (@andydbancroft) for his good work in putting it together. The business has been up and running for a few short weeks and it has been a positive start. It’s been refreshing to get out and about and meet some of the tech community in Glasgow […]

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