Let your IP shine with our INCUBATE service packages.

We offer innovative fixed-fee plans for startups.  These plans cover you for the IP registrations you need together with the strategic advice and education to make sure you avoid early pitfalls and steer your IP strategy in the right direction.

We have thought carefully about how IP services should be delivered, based on our deep experience of working with startups and young companies.  The result is Scintilla INCUBATE, our innovative fixed fee plan which is designed especially for startups.

UK Patents

This package secures you a granted UK patent, taking you from initial assessment and application filing right through to having the grant certificate in your hand.

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US Patents

If the US market is key for you, then go straight there! This package secures a US patent.

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International Patent Services

If you have global ambitions, this package covers an initial local filing and a follow-up International Patent Application, reserving rights in over 150 countries.

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Trade Marks

Securing your brands can be crucial; our trade mark packages can secure registration in your key territories.

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The first area that the Scintilla INCUBATE plan addresses is the time needed to properly develop a deep understanding of the IP process.  Have you ever had professional advice and felt that the consultation was rushed, that the adviser felt distracted or impatient to move on to other things?  Did you feel that your follow-up questions were an inconvenience? Well, we’re not that kind of firm. The Scintilla INCUBATE plan provides a proper allocation of our time for making sure that you fully understand the dynamics of the IP system.

The other variable in the IP process is of course cost.  According to a traditional “pay as you go” approach, costs can be difficult to predict and control.  In contrast, the core idea of the Scintilla INCUBATE plan is to replace that uncertainty with a simple, single monthly fee that is all you need to budget for during the entire duration of the plan.

Specific plans are customised for each individual case, and you can contact us to arrange a no fee, no obligation initial meeting to see what might fit.

Frequently Asked Questions

The first stage of the process is to meet up and discuss your business and your requirements.  When it comes to writing a patent, there are many variations in terms of technical and legal complexity and different filing strategy options.  We discuss all these parameters and agree a tailored package based on your specific needs in a clear proposal for approval.

Yes, it is possible to subscribe to multiple packages such as an International Patent combined with a Trade Mark registration.  This is scoped out during your initial requirements meeting and the packages are combined together to form a single fixed monthly fee.

The packages are designed to be suitable for people who are navigating the IP landscape for the first time, so they include an allowance for meeting up and explaining the basics of protection.  If you wish to grow your portfolio beyond your first idea, then we can simply add more packages to the fixed price deal.  Given the education that takes place for the first time around, there would be a reduced price for subsequent additional packages which are added.  The details would be subject to specific discussion.

We recognise that patents are projects which run over a period of time and that your commercial requirements may change.  If you decide to abandon an application either after some initial searching and analysis or based on feedback from a patent office, then you will not be out of pocket.  We would bring an end to the fixed price agreement with a final balancing payment or credit being made based upon the work which has been carried out and the state of each case.

To get going all you need to do is contact us to book an initial free of charge first consultation where we will consider your needs and make a proposal.

The proposal that we make covers a certain number of actions, falling within the remit of what we consider to be a “typical” case.  If a case turns out to be unusually complicated, then there may be additional costs involved in securing the grant of the patent or trade mark.  We will always do our utmost to avoid that type of situation and if any further costs are required we would discuss this with you at a very early stage to make sure you are in control.

Every patent office around the world struggles with backlogs and so in some cases a patent application can be stuck in a queue by the time the end of the fixed price period comes around.  Indeed, depending on your circumstances, there may be strategic value in keeping an application pending for a long time.  In that case, the agreed number of actions would still be carried out and no further charge would be incurred for bringing the patent cases to their conclusion within the agreed scope of work.

There would normally be no discount if a patent was granted more quickly than usual.  The offer of the fixed price package is to remove your uncertainty from the process.  It is possible to engage on a standard contract instead.