Our experienced team can help you identify and capture inventions

You’re running a successful technology business and you have a team of engineers and researchers working to develop and improve your products, and generating valuable intellectual property along the way.

You know that new inventions can be protected with patents so that you can prevent other people from copying your ideas.

However, in order to protect your innovations, the first step is to identify them!

A crucial tool that will help you do this is an Invention Disclosure Form.

What is an invention disclosure form?

An invention disclosure form (or IDF, as patent attorneys like to call it) is a document which sets out in an organised way a set of questions designed to provide documentation of an invention.

Invention disclosure forms are commonly used to extract the relevant information about an invention, which can be used to assess the options of how to protect it and ultimately provide a framework for drafting a patent should that be the decision which is made.

Our offer

There are some free invention disclosure form templates available online, but in this exclusive offer for Technology Scotland members, we will provide:

  • A consultancy session that explores how you capture innovation, the types of things you're working on and the types of issues that you face;
  • A tailored and enhanced Invention Disclosure Form which is specifically customised to suit your organisation, and which includes helpful tips and background information that the inventors may find useful to understand the background to the questions being asked.

As an exclusive benefit, Technology Scotland members can enjoy this service free of charge.  We hope that in this way we can share some of our knowledge and insights about best practice in IP management for the benefit of the Technology Scotland community.

How to “redeem” the offer

To take up this offer, simply reach out to us at hello@scintilla-ip.com and reference this offer in your email.

We have the tools and the experience to make sure you make fully informed IP decisions.

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