We bring clarity to the complex legal area of patent drafting and prosecution.

At its core, a good patent requires a proper understanding of the technology involved. This is ensured by our technical skills and native curiosity.  Starting from this, we “spot the invention” and then work out how best to protect it, so that third parties cannot simply work around the resulting patent.

After filing, our job is to clearly communicate the story of the invention to the Patent Office examiners.  A patent application is subject to search and examination, and we work with the examiners in a collaborative spirit.  We always focus on pragmatic solutions to efficiently secure a granted patent with optimal scope.

The Scintilla Process

We always offer a free, no-obligation, first time consultation during which we can get to know you and provide some initial advice.

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An International Focus

We have experience of patent laws and procedures in many countries, which informs your protection strategy from an early stage.

We maintain an active network of international colleagues who provide local representation and advice on the fine details of local procedures in each territory.

In particular, we have an in-depth knowledge of law and practice in the USA. This is particularly relevant when it comes to our specialist area of computer implemented inventions, where the law and practice is evolving rapidly. Many of our local clients take a “US first” approach and we are well placed to provide local support and international connections to make such a strategy work.

Patents for Software

There is a common perception that patents are not available for software. However, this is simply not true.  So long as there is an underlying process or system that has a fundamental technical nature then patents will be routinely granted no matter if the invention is implemented in software, firmware or hardware.

Having said that, Patent Offices have different criteria for assessing whether a claimed invention is “technical” in nature or not.  We have in-depth working knowledge of the practice of the UK Intellectual Property Office and European Patent Office, and extensive experience in other countries such as the USA.  This in-depth legal expertise coupled with our technical understanding means we can provide pragmatic and effective advice in this area. You should always seek advice before ruling out protection for an innovation just because it relates to software.

We have extensive experience of filing and prosecuting European Patents at the European Patent Office, including filing European regional phase applications derived from International Patent Applications filed under the PCT.

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