Scintilla is run to the highest professional standards and provides a blend between the experience and professionalism one might expect from a large firm with the flexibility and friendliness that you might expect from a small firm.

We have experience in developing, managing and administering large IP portfolios.  This includes assisting with objectives such as invention harvesting, communication of corporate IP objectives to engineering teams, and controlling budgets.

Our ethos is characterised by communication, imagination and dedication.


At a basic level this means that you are always informed promptly of progress on cases, so that you always know and understand what is going on.

We also travel regularly and can support your sites around the world.

A further aspect of our communication skills is our ability to build effective relationships with technical staff.  We have vast experience in direct drafting and prosecution and have worked with engineers and academics alike.

On the technical side, we engage with inventors to get to the heart of their innovation. On the legal side, we provide a clear explanation of the requirements of the patent process, so that the inventors always understand the patents that are being submitted to them for review.

We also regularly provide workshops, invention harvesting sessions and the like to make sure that innovation is appropriately captured.


We look beyond just seeking an instruction and acting on it.  We always seek to understand your business and the bigger picture that is driving decisions in filing, prosecution and portfolio management, and we look for creative solutions to protect and defend your IP position.


We take care of our clients and are grateful for the opportunity to be of service and to advise on an area as strategic as your intellectual property.

We are driven by delivering high quality services and take professional pride in our work.  We are a growing company and so we make sure we always have enough staff to maintain the most responsive service levels possible.

Your brand is the vehicle for your reputation.  So it needs to be jealously guarded and protected.

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