We can perform IP audits, where we spend time with you and consider how specific IP issues may apply to your business.

The UKIPO offers funding for IP audits to the value of £3000 inclusive of VAT, and we are a suitably qualified IP adviser for these purposes.

Applications for the funding should be directed through the UKIPO’s partners in England, Wales or Scotland. The audit will include preparation work, a meeting or a visit to your premises and a report with action points covering:

Identification of existing patents, review of potentially patentable innovations, basic investigation regarding patent infringement.

Identification of existing trade marks, advice on ensuring trade marks are free to use before being introduced, identification of possible infringement of third party rights.

Identification of existing rights, advice on protection through Design Right and/or Community Design Right, identification of possible infringement of third party rights.

Identification of copyright works (for example, databases, websites, marketing/promotional material), advice on ownership of copyright, procedure for establishing date of creation, copyright indicators on protectable works, and database rights.

Advice on confidentiality (non-disclosure) agreements, trade secrets, know-how, employee agreements, IP policy governance, licensing; and evaluation of IP policy including registration, renewal systems, monitoring/watching services, enforcement and international filing strategies.

We also offer independent IP audit services that cover each of these aspects in greater detail.

If you pay UK corporation tax, there are a number of schemes that the Government has introduced to encourage innovation.

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