Our Experienced Team Secures and Manages European Patents

We have extensive experience of filing and prosecuting European Patents at the European Patent Office.

We also have experience in conducting opposition and appeal proceedings at the European Patent Office.  We provide strategic guidance at each stage and always have an eye on pragmatic approaches for successful outcomes.

Opposition and appeal proceedings typically end with oral proceedings held at the European Patent Office. We have the required skills of meticulous preparation, effective oral communication, and quick-witted thinking to achieve the best results.

European Regional Phase Filings

We combine streamlined processes with care and attention to detail to make sure that each case is catered for individually, with any unusual problems being flagged at an early stage.

We can also advise on matters specific to European practice, such as conciseness of claims, unity of invention, added subject matter, and claim amendments to avoid paying unnecessary excess claims fees.  These matters are screened as a matter of course upon filing and any issues are flagged up for early consideration.


The European Patent Office (EPO) operates one of the most rigorous patent examination procedures in the world.  We are well practised at navigating their structured approach, for example presenting clear arguments about inventive step according to the gold standard “problem and solution” approach; and preparing responses in a pragmatic and effective fashion to make it easy for Examiners to accept applications.

In cases where agreement cannot be reached in writing, the EPO appoints Oral Proceedings to conclude the application.  In most cases we can obtain acceptance of applications through further written submissions and further dialogue with the Examiner without the need for the Oral Proceedings to go ahead.  However, when required we also have experience of conducting Oral Proceedings, usually in person at the EPO premises in Munich, the Hague or Berlin.

Oppositions and Appeals

The opposition procedure is a powerful weapon for centrally revoking a European Patent, because the decision of the EPO is binding on each of the national countries where the European Patent has been validated.

We guide you through the opposition process with a pragmatic attitude and a creative approach which takes account of the dynamics of each specific case.  When it comes to concluding the opposition at an Oral Proceeding, we make sure we are thoroughly prepared, and we have the skills and experience to present your case clearly before the opposition division. We also have experience in the conduct of Appeal proceedings at the EPO.

If you are thinking of filing an opposition, or you have a case to defend, contact us to discuss the options.

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