Dr. Iain McCrindle joins Scintilla as a Trainee Patent Attorney

This week we are delighted to welcome Iain McCrindle to the team.  He is joining us as a trainee patent attorney, following on from his PhD in electronics and electrical engineering and experience in industry.

Prior to entering the profession, Iain was employed as a Nanofabrication Engineer with Kelvin Nanotechnology where he worked on the processing and development of micro and nanofabricated devices using the tools and processes available in the University of Glasgow’s James Watt Nanofabrication Centre. He primarily worked on the fabrication of semiconductor lasers and ion traps.  Iain has a PhD from the University of Glasgow where he was a member of the Microsystem Technology Group. The focus of his research was on the development of structured photonic materials with engineered optical properties at visible, infrared and terahertz wavelengths to aid in the development of a multispectral imaging system.

His work has been published in several scientific journals, and he has also been a named inventor on a patent, so as well as his technical and industrial experience, he has seen how the patent process works from the other side!

We are all excited to welcome Iain on board and look forward to the contributions that his knowledge and skills will bring for our clients!