Working with us is smooth and enjoyable, and we are flexible to accommodate your needs


First of all we meet with you to discuss the best options for protecting your IP. We will consider ownership and strategies such as trade secret protection or defensive applications.


Once we understand the novelty of your idea, we will do some basic background reading to check for any obvious existing “prior art” that would impact your patent. We can also as an option carry out a formal prior art search.


If the search results are clear, we proceed to draft and file a patent application at the UK Intellectual Property Office. You can now officially claim ‘patent pending’ status. Congratulations!


The UKIPO sends a Search Report. We will discuss the search report with you to assess its impact on your application.


We negotiate with the Examiner to convince them of the novelty and inventiveness of your idea.


Once negotiations with the Examiner are successfully concluded, we take care of all the grant procedures. You now have a granted patent. Congratulations!

Our Service

We always offer a free, no-obligation, first time consultation during which we can get to know you and provide some initial advice. We can do this in person, on the phone or using your favourite video conferencing service. Our offices are in the centre of Glasgow and we are always happy for you to pop in for a coffee. We also travel a lot and indeed find it very useful to see our clients’ own premises so if you prefer for us to come and visit you just ask! Meeting outside of normal office hours is also not a problem.

After our initial meeting, we will clarify what further information is needed to go ahead with any agreed actions.  Once we have that information we will issue a formal quotation for the work which is contemplated, and we then go ahead once you confirm your acceptance of the quotation.

We make a commitment to you to meet that budget and do not vary from it unless you ask us to do additional work that was not initially contemplated. If you do instruct such additional work, this will always be flagged up to you in advance and agreed upon before any additional expense is incurred.

Once the application is filed you are kept informed of progress in a prompt manner, and we commit to a “no surprises” billing policy.  Of course, establishing an IP portfolio can be expensive especially when extending protection to many countries. But we make every effort to make sure our clients are always aware of the next steps and the likely costs.  We don’t charge for routine phone calls or reviews, so you can always pick up the phone and catch up on the progress of your portfolio without needing to worry about getting a bill.

We are proactive about reminding you well in advance of subsequent deadlines regarding tasks that are due, so you are always informed.  This gives plenty of time to chat through things and make sure that the choices you make are aligned with your commercial objectives.

Throughout everything we always take time to listen to you, understand your business and make sure that your interests are being effectively looked after.

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