Acting first and foremost to serve our clients' interests is at the heart of our practice. We provide frank and practical advice about what is best for your business.

We only advise on our specialist areas and do not attempt to “have a go” outside of our comfort zone - Intellectual Assets are simply too important to be treated in this way.

We take pride in the quality of our work products, both in the skill involved in preparing patent applications and opinions, and in our IT infrastructure that ensures consistent quality of presentation and advice.


Peter McBride
Peter founded Scintilla in January 2013 after a career with another patent firm. His patent practice focuses on software and electronics.


Gérard Giraud
European Patent Attorney Gérard joined Scintilla in 2015. He has an in-depth physics background and his expertise includes optics, photonics, electronics and software.

Iain McCrindle
Iain joined Scintilla in September 2016 as a trainee patent patent attorney, after gaining his PhD in Electronics and Electrical Engineering

Glen Wilson

Glen Wilson
Glen is an IP consultant joins us in a consultant role after previously working as a patent attorney. He has a PhD in Mechanical Engineering

Sinead Clark

Sinead Clark
Sinead joined Scintilla in January 2017. She is a CIPA qualified patent administrator.