Get your processes and policies in place for effective IP management.

IP Management

To manage your IP portfolio effectively, you need to have in place the right systems, workflows and policies.  We can help you set the foundation you need for success, so you can be in control of your IP budget and make smart data-driven decisions.

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  • Fractional CIPO
  • Invention Harvesting
  • Contracts and Agreements
  • Trade Secrets
  • Risk Register

Fractional CIPO

Many organisations have a Chief Intellectual Property Officer (CIPO). If you are not in the position to have your own full time CIPO, we can provide a fractional CIPO service to provide this capability for you.

Invention Harvesting

We have experience in developing, managing and administering large IP portfolios.  This includes assisting with invention harvesting.  We can help you set up an invention capture process that will include education of key staff, making sure that IP questions are asked at key checkpoints in your workflows, using targeted invention disclosure forms, and ensuring that captured invention disclosures are assessed according to your own custom criteria so that you can make informed protection decisions in line with your wider strategy.

Contracts and Agreements

Making sure you manage your contracts successfully is also a vital part of your IP management process. Whether it is suppliers, customers or R&D collaboration partners, you need to have a clear understanding of your IP position and make sure that you are protected.

Trade Secrets

Effective protection of trade secrets requires clear procedures and policies to be put in place and followed, so that you can document the secrets, control access to them and have clear legal protection to provide remedies in case of a breach.

Risk Register

Understanding the IP-related risks involved in your business is important for informing your decision making.  We can create, populate and manage an IP risk register for your business.

“Scintilla have been extremely useful for us, helping to understand the value of our IP in its wider view. They have undertaken an IP Audit investigating our possibilities for patents and to give us confidence that we do not violate existing patents. It also comes with valuable recommendations about working practices with external organisations, the value of Design rights and Trademarks as part of our IP portfolio.”