Train your team and foster a culture of innovation.

IP is a complex area with various types of legal rights and disparate global systems.  Our education program will equip you and your team to understand and implement practical steps to secure your intellectual property.


We work with you to disseminate knowledge, but also in a wider sense to help you encourage a culture of innovation across your organisation.

Our team has experience working with busy electronic engineers, detail-oriented academics, IP-sceptic dev teams and goal-driven executives, so we know the different perspectives that people bring with them when considering the topic of IP.

When we put an educational program together we consider your commercial objectives and discuss the barriers that you are facing, and then tailor our approach for the specific audience.

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  • Presentations
  • Interactive workshops
  • Webinars
  • Content library with information on key IP topics
  • E-learning solutions

“Scintilla have been extremely useful for us, helping to understand the value of our IP in its wider view. They have undertaken an IP Audit investigating our possibilities for patents and to give us confidence that we do not violate existing patents. It also comes with valuable recommendations about working practices with external organisations, the value of Design rights and Trademarks as part of our IP portfolio.”