Welcome to the team!

Here at Scintilla, we invest in our people, much in the way that you, our clients, invest in protecting your Intellectual Property. As such, we have recently welcomed two new additions to our Glasgow family!

Introducing, our new Executive Assistant Gemma Clark.

Time for A Change

Gemma Clark

Starting a new career is a daunting pursuit, particularly so when leaping into a new industry. Yet that is exactly what I decided to

undertake by joining Scintilla.

So many of us spend too long on activities that do not make us happy, either out of necessity or lack of a better option.

During the pandemic I was lucky to continue working from the comfort of my dining room. An unexpected benefit of this was that it allowed me to reclaim a lot of free time and appreciate the value of my time. I woke up and realized I wasn’t satisfied with my work.

I had fallen prey to the foul fiend that is complacency. No longer was I enjoying my job and I was sleepwalking through a comfortable, government nine to five. It just wasn’t making me happy.

While there is a certain comfort in familiarity, I am glad that I decided to invest in myself. I am one month into my new role and am re-learning every day that I made the right decision.

Past Experience

Now I confess, my experience of any kind of legal proceeding has been minimal, bar a stint as an intern for my local paper as a teenager where I was invited to accompany a seasoned reporter to the town courthouse for an afternoon. The last thing I expected that day was for a former classmate to be called to the stand! I wish I remember what he was accused of…

There was also a module while at University regarding International Law and Governance, affectionately known as “How Not To Get Sued”. But as my colleagues will tell you, there is a big difference between copy writing and copyrighting. As it transpires, I will be working with both of those definitions.

Final Thoughts

From the past five weeks I have three major take-aways; that embarking on this career progression was a wise investment in myself; that Intellectual Property is likewise an investment in a business and a unique way to protect the ownership of a mind’s creation; and finally, that my upper body strength could use some work as we have been moving boxes of files to storage and I do not want to admit quite how sore my muscles were afterwards.

Keep an eye out for our next post on Insights, where we will be introducing our other new recruit, Trainee Patent Attorney Euan Devlin!



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