Here at Scintilla, we invest in our people, much in the way that you, our clients, invest in protecting your Intellectual Property. As such, we have recently welcomed two new additions to our Glasgow family!

Introducing our new Trainee Patent Attorney, Euan Devlin.

My Story

Euan Devlin

Over a period of working within an design engineering team for an Upstream Energy Service company in Houston, Texas I had the fortune to be directly exposed to the Patent

Attorney profession. I found this small window into the world of intellectual property fascinating and I was frankly envious, for want of a better word, at the exposure Patent Attorneys regularly received to new innovate technologies. It was a profession I wanted to be part of.

Changing Fields

Selection for a trainee Patent Attorney is a highly competitive process. Typically, applicants need to have academically demonstrated a broad knowledge and ability to understand a wide range of STEM fields. Following this logic, I decided to complement my undergraduates degrees in Physics and Mechanical Engineering with a Masters in biomedical technology to capitalize on the growing regional life science sector within Scotland. My transition from the Energy sector and journey towards the world of Intellectual Property occurred during the height of the global 2020 coronavirus pandemic. It was during this time that I successfully completed my degree and began my search for opportunities within the intellectual property field.

The Obvious Choice

Scintilla immediately stood out within sector to me. Scintilla had first came to my attention through a mutual connection, and a previous client of Scintillas, that highly recommended the firm and its people. When I learned Scintilla was recruiting trainees I quickly submitted my application and it was accepted. During the interviews I was greatly impressed by how uniquely well Scintilla was able to articulate their business & growth, their core values, training, and their flexibility & care towards their clients & employees to an extent that was unmatched. These traits really made a difference to me and I enthusiastically joined Scintilla in May 2022.

A Week In Review

My first week with Scintilla has been perfect, I couldn’t ask for better start to a new career. I have been greeted by friendly attentive and supportive colleagues at every turn that are able to get me up to speed with the business, setting myself up for success in the future. A highlight of my own during the first week at Scintilla has been attending the Scottish EDGE 19 conference and observing first hand some of the exciting inventions on the horizon from SME’s within Scotland.  I am certain of a fantastic, supportive partnership with Scintilla as I work towards achieving UK & European Chartership in the years to come.



At Scintilla, we help innovative companies get a grip on their intellectual property. Our unique commercial approach combines registration of patents and trade marks with strategic input so that IP can be a springboard for business growth. If you would like to discuss your IP needs, do contact us or book a free initial consultation!

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