You may find the following links useful:

Patent Offices

Links Description
UKIPO Site of UK Intellectual Property Office. Contains official information and lots of useful guides and educational material.
EPO Site of European Patent Office, who administer European Patents.
USPTO US Patent and Trade Mark Office.
WIPO World Intellectual Property Office. Administers the International Patent Application. Site has a lot of useful information.
OHIM EU agency that administers Community Trade Marks and Community Designs.


Patent Searching and Status Tools

Links Description
Espacenet Free patent searching tool provided by the EPO.
European Patent Register Access case status and documentation for European Patents.
UK Online Patent Information Access case status and documentation for UK Patents.
UK Examination Report Calculator Provides an estimate of when the next examination report will issue for a pending UK patent application.
USPTO PAIR Patent Application Information Retrieval for US Patents. Access to case status and documentation.
WIPO Patentscope search services Provides information on International Patent Applications.


Patent Box

Links Description
UKIPO Patent Box Page Basic information.
HMRC Patent Box Page Some more detailed information and guidance.



Links Description
Inventors' Handbook Very useful guide, published by the EPO, providing an introduction to factors to consider when commercialising an invention.
Warning regarding unsolicited fee requests Warnings about unsolicited requests for payment that are issued after patent publication.
About the PCT An introduction to the International Patent Application process.