Patent Offices


Site of UK Intellectual Property Office. Contains official information and lots of useful guides and educational material.

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Site of European Patent Office, who administer European Patents.

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US Patent and Trade Mark Office.

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World Intellectual Property Office. Administers the International Patent Application. Site has a lot of useful information.

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EU agency that administers European Trade Marks and European Registered Designs.

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IP Searching and Status Tools


Free patent searching tool provided by the EPO.

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European Patent Register

Access case status and documentation for European Patents.

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UK Online Patent Information

Access case status and documentation for UK Patents.

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TMview Trade Mark Database

Information on trade mark applications and registered marks from national and EU IP offices.

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Patent Application Information Retrieval for US Patents. Access to case status and documentation.

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WIPO Patentscope search services

Provides information on International Patent Applications.

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UK Taxation Topics

Patent Box

Basic information from HMRC on the Patent Box.

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R&D Tax Relief

Basic information from HMRC on R&D corporation tax relief.

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Basic information from HMRC regarding various investment schemes, including EIS and SEIS

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Inventors’ Handbook

Very useful guide, published by the EPO, providing an introduction to factors to consider when commercialising an invention.

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Warning regarding unsolicited fee requests

Warnings about unsolicited requests for payment that are issued after patent publication.

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About the PCT

An introduction to the International Patent Application process.

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