Last week Scintilla took part in IP Inclusive week. The purpose of IP Inclusive week is to introduce the idea of Diversity and Inclusion in the workplace. It’s a way of starting conversations and raising awareness of IP Inclusive as a resource and support network.  

Well-being in the workplace is inextricably linked to inclusiveness, improving well-being can allow for more enjoyment, motivation and satisfaction at work. High levels of workplace well-being can provide a sense of fulfilment and make each day an enjoyable one. So this year our theme for the week was Five ways to well-being, a set of five steps aimed to improve mental health and well-being at work developed by The New Economics Foundation

We incorporated each step into an activity that the whole office could take part in. This included: a drive for food donations for our local food bank; an office wide decluttering; a team lunch and walk through the local park and finally our upcoming workshop on Unconscious Bias.  

The team here at Scintilla have had a great time participating in IP Inclusive Week this year. Taking part in the activities around the Five ways to well-being has given us a fresh perspective on how we approach our work and we hope to continue to integrate these steps in the future.