Greenbackers and Scintilla announce a new partnership to boost intellectual property value for cleantech start-ups

Scintilla, a firm of Patent and Trademark Attorneys and intellectual property strategists, today announces a new partnership with Greenbackers Investment Capital, an expert venture firm focused on climate and cleantech equity capital.

This partnership will empower Greenbackers’ cleantech start-ups to unlock the value of intellectual property in their businesses by protection of key commercial IP assets and by implementation of insightful and effective IP strategy.

Peter McBride, Managing Director, Scintilla, adds:

“Greenbackers understand that urgent action is needed to deal with climate change and to build a sustainable world, so partnering with them is a great fit for our mission to empower the innovations that transform society.  Getting the right IP strategy in place is a critical part of building value in a business, and so we look forward to working with cleantech startups to help them navigate the world of IP as they scale and grow their businesses”.

Robert Hokin, Managing Partner and Founder at Greenbackers commented:

“We have noted that many cleantech startups are unaware of the financial and commercial value of their Intellectual Property. Most every startup has a business strategy, but most don’t consider a dedicated IP strategy. It’s a missed opportunity. Instead of leaving IP as merely an expense on the balance sheet, having a proper IP strategy in place can help monetise and deliver real returns on investment. Scintilla understands this intimately and we at Greenbackers are delighted to be partnering with such a great group of specialists”.

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