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Gérard Giraud



Maitrise de Physique, University Claude Bernard, France (1999)

PhD in Physics (Ultrafast Vibrational Dynamics in Liquids and Proteins),  University of Strathclyde (2003)

Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property, University of Bournemouth (2012)

European Patent Attorney (2015)


Gérard Giraud joined Scintilla in 2015 after having trained with two large IP firms where he gained significant experience in drafting and prosecuting patent applications relating to telecommunication systems, optical technologies, signal processing and medical devices.


Before entering the patent profession, Gerard worked for several years as a Senior Research Scientist at the University of Edinburgh, on the development of advanced spectroscopy and micromanipulation techniques for biosensing applications and point-of-care technologies.


Gérard is the author of numerous scientific publications in the fields of Electro-optics, Biophotonics and Chemical‑Physics which you can see details of here.