General IP Services

While the firm is focussed on providing specialist patent services for the electronics and software sectors, our advice to clients covers all areas of intellectual property. This is important because for any given business scenario there are various factors that come into play and so we need an awareness of all other intellectual property rights in order to provide holistic advice.

In some cases, we will refer clients to third parties or outsource work in these other areas. We always make it clear where our expertise ends and that of others begins. We do not attempt to “have a go” outside of our comfort zone – your Intellectual Assets are simply too important to be treated in this way.


So, we can advise you with respect to these IP Services:


  • Trade Marks
  • Copyright
  • Unregistered and Registered design rights
  • IP transactions
  • Licensing
  • IP disputes, including alternative dispute resolution and enforcement
  • Confidentiality
  • Trade Secrets
  • Practices for keeping lab books and recording IP