Acting first and foremost to serve our clients' interests is at the heart of our practice. We provide frank and practical advice about what is best for your business.

We only advise on our specialist areas and do not attempt to “have a go” outside of our comfort zone - Intellectual Assets are simply too important to be treated in this way.

We take pride in the quality of our work products, both in the skill involved in preparing patent applications and opinions, and in our IT infrastructure that ensures consistent quality of presentation and advice.

Flexible Billing Structure

We are committed to getting to know our clients and fostering a supportive relationship. This is time intensive but is never charged for. So, outside of agreed jobs there are no charges for just picking up the phone or meeting to just “catch up”.


Similarly, there are no charges for minor administrative tasks, such as providing quick updates on specific cases or basic IP schedules to help you keep track of your portfolio.


When it comes to chargeable work, we operate where possible on a fixed price basis. Many smaller tasks are repetitive and rarely change so those are charged on the basis of set flat fees. Larger tasks, such as patent drafting and prosecution or opinion work are billed on the basis of a fixed fee that is mutually agreed once the job has been properly scoped out. The end result is a process that matches the billing to the value that has been added, and is predictable.


Initial consultations for prospective new clients are also free of charge and carry no obligation.