First Out The Gate Is…

Do you know what the first Trade Mark registered in the UK was?

It was registered in 1876 by the Bass Brewery Company and was the first Trade Mark registered under the Trade Mark Registration Act 1875.

Bass Brewery Trade Mark

The logo itself consists of a red triangle and has an interesting back story. Allegedly, when applications to apply for Trade Mark registration opened on January 1st, 1876, an employee of Bass Brewery was sent to wait outside the registrar’s office overnight, to ensure that they were first in line. It was renamed Bass Pale Ale Trademark No.1 in 2013. While this legend cannot be proven and has simply been shared by word of mouth over the years, it adds a certain gravitas to the honour of having the first registered Trade Mark.

Trade Marks must be renewed every 10 years to be retained and can be renewed up to six months before, or six months after the expiration day.



By Gemma Clark



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