Due Diligence

We have experience with various strategic IP issues, including:


Freedom to Operate and Due Diligence

Building on our expertise in freedom to operate searching, we offer wider freedom to operate reports that take into account the results of freedom to operate patent searches, and also other aspects such as other relevant intellectual property rights and licensing restrictions. We also offer due diligence services for the verification and assessment of IP portfolios, which can be useful for investors assessing potential investment propositions, or for companies preparing for investment.


Searching – Novelty and Freedom to Operate

We can carry out informal patent searches. However formal novelty and freedom to operate searching is carried out in partnership with specialist search firms. The input of a patent attorney is useful for the framing of the search queries, the guidance of the search process and the filtering and interpretation of the results. Before performing any searching, we will discuss with you the objectives of the search, explain the various parameters involved when searching, and come up with a search strategy to suit a given objective and budget. In particular, the area of freedom to operate searching involves some trade-offs between cost and comprehensiveness and a careful consideration of strategy is essential for obtaining optimum results.


Competitive Intelligence

We offer competitive intelligence services based on searching, monitoring and analysing competitors’ intellectual property and activities.


Portfolio Management

When your intellectual property portfolio begins to grow, keeping track of your rights and administering them efficiently becomes increasingly complex, in particular where many countries are involved. We have experience of managing large IP portfolios and can help formulate effective management strategies to help you make efficient and insightful business decisions. For example, we offer regular review meetings so that a portfolio is critically assessed on an ongoing basis, and we make sure that the portfolio matches your commercial objectives, taking account of any changes to your business model.