UK Patent Box Corporation Tax Relief is Changing Soon

The Existing Scheme Runs Only Until the End of June 2016   In April 2013 the UK Government introduced the “Patent Box” tax relief so that corporation tax on profits relating to some patented products could be reduced.  The full effect is still being phased in, but under the current scheme from FY 2017 the […]

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Intellectual Property Bill passes through parliament

Last week highlighted the importance of intangible assets in the UK economy and showed the wheels of democracy slowly turning to improve protection of your intellectual assets.   Government figures published on 31 March show that UK investment in intangible assets now totals £137.5 billion and nearly half of this investment, £65.6 billion, was protected […]

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CJEU Decides Not To Break The Internet – For Now

The Court of Justice of the European Union (CJEU) recently made a ruling in the case of Svensson et al vs Retriever Sverige AB (case C-466/12, here) on the question of whether supplying a clickable link to a copyrighted work would be an infringement of the copyright in that work.   Thankfully the CJEU has […]

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3 Day Startup

This past weekend I had the privilege of being a mentor for some budding entrepreneurs at a “3 Day Startup” event in Edinburgh organised by Launch.ED and supported by the Scottish Institute for Enterprise and the Open Innovation Project.   The 3DS has its origins in Austin, Texas and provides a methodology and a program […]

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Tricks of the Trade – Online Patent File Inspections

My professional career started in 2000, and so I have been privileged to work in a era where electronic and online communications have been the norm.  Over my time working I have seen evolution of various online resources from basic versions to more advanced.   Some key sites that I use are the online file […]

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UK “Superfast” Patent Proposal Rejected by Government – Perhaps a Blessing in Disguise?

Back in April 2013, the UKIPO published a consultation paper on introducing a “superfast” 90 day patent.  Following on from the consultation, the Government has now responded and  indicated that the scheme will not go ahead.   This might seem like a blow to industry.  Long Patent Office backlogs are a common source of frustration, […]

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