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OR: Topping up knowledge of European Patent strategies     I’ll happily get absorbed in any sport but one which I enjoy is snooker, as well as the related sports of pool and billiards.   When you are learning to play snooker, the first basic skill you need to learn is how to pot the balls. […]

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UK Patent Box Corporation Tax Relief is Changing Soon

The Existing Scheme Runs Only Until the End of June 2016   In April 2013 the UK Government introduced the “Patent Box” tax relief so that corporation tax on profits relating to some patented products could be reduced.  The full effect is still being phased in, but under the current scheme from FY 2017 the […]

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European Patent Office Fee Increases 2016

The European Patent Office (EPO) increase their fees on 1 April every two years. The revised fees which will take effect from 1 April 2016 have just been announced and can be found here.   We were all set to write an urgent blog post, imploring urgent action to avoid the urgent price hikes of […]

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Computer implemented inventions in the US, is your invention “rooted in computer technology”?

Historically, the law in the America regarding computer implemented inventions, CIIs, has been more flexible than in Europe. Following the infamous Alice decision held in 2014, the USPTO has changed its approach in assessing subject matter eligibility, generating greater uncertainty around the patentability of CIIs.   In brief, the USPTO operates a two-part test. In […]

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One step closer to a unitary patent system

  In the last few months a number of decisions taken by the Court of Justice of the European Union, the Selected Committee of the Administrative Council of the EPO and the a number EU of member states have taken us one step closer to the completion of a system for unitary patent protection in […]

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Unitary Patent Renewal Fees

The respected IPKat blog has recently published a post with information about renewal fees for the upcoming unitary patent.  These proposals have reportedly been submitted by the President of the EPO to the Select Committee of the Administrative Council for their opinion.   The Unitary Patent   As a recap, the EU agreed a unitary […]

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Dealing with US Patent Examiners

  The inspiration for this blog comes from the informative Patently-O, which recently carried a post regarding the subject of “broadest reasonable interpretation” of claims in patents in the US.   In the specific case being commented on, a patent application had a claim that included a “wireless communication module”. The USPTO argued that the […]

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International Patent Applications (PCT) – Setting the Foundation for your IP Protection

International Patent Applications   The International Patent Application is a great system for obtaining cost effective patent protection worldwide. Because it offers applicants the opportunity to keep their options open for a relatively long time (30 months from an original filing date), it is a popular choice for early stage companies or for new products […]

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Patent Trolls – an alternative solution?

One of the most vexing issues of the patent system at the moment is that of “patent trolls”, or “non-practising entities”. This term refers to companies that acquire patents and use them as leverage to extract licence fees from operating companies. The “trolls” themselves to not produce any goods or offer any services.   In […]

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European Patents will soon be extended to Tunisia

The European Patent Organisation has made an agreement with the Tunisian government that will allow European patent applicants and proprietors to validate the legal effects of their European patents and applications on Tunisian territory, even though Tunisia is not an EPO member state.   Validated European patent applications and patents will have the same legal […]

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