In April 2021 the EU Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO) launched the first European IP register on blockchain in collaboration with participating offices.

The new blockchain register can automatically store data related to registered IP rights across a network of interconnected nodes belonging to the various IP offices. Thanks to their decentralized nature, blockchains provide a robust defence against attacks. Moreover, the use of blockchain enables the building of an immutable and auditable history of IP rights across the register. This will in turn make it easier for users to lodge priority claims and for information to be requested and exchanged among participating IP offices.

The EUIPO’s TMView and DesignView services are now connected to the blockchain register. These are online platforms managed by the EUIPO which provide access to a database of millions of registered trade marks and designs, including rights registered at the UK Intellectual Property Office (UKIPO) and most of the major IP offices in the world (a full list of contracting offices can be found on the TMView and DesignView websites). Thanks to the live connection with the blockchain, it is now possible for TMView and DesignView to be updated in real time, enabling fast and secure delivery of IP rights information to the public.

Offices from the European Union are expected to join the register throughout this year and it is anticipated that non-EU offices will also get on board shortly after.

But this is not all. The EUIPO is also working on the launch of a blockchain authentication platform designed to integrate existing track and trace systems with risk analysis tools used by enforcement authorities (such as customs, police, etc.). This platform, together with the IP Enforcement Portal and new IP register on blockchain, will facilitate the fight against counterfeiters.

An ongoing Anti-Counterfeiting Blockathon Forum can be joined by people and organisations who wish to contribute to the development of the anti-counterfeiting infrastructure by registering on the EUIPO website.


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