Email: peter [dot] mcbride [at]

  • Bsc. Mathematical Physics, University of Edinburgh
  • European Patent Attorney
  • Chartered Patent Attorney
  • IP Litigation Certificate

Peter has worked in the IP profession and has been based in Glasgow since 2000, working from 2000 until January 2013 for a large practice where he held a Director position since January 2009.

He specialises in the electronics and software fields including microelectronics, photonics, communications technology and signal processing.

He has extensive patent drafting experience, with an ability to interview inventors in academia and industry in order to establish the key concepts behind an innovation. Patent prosecution is also another strength, with extensive experience at the UK and European Patent Offices, but also in the coordination of strategies globally, with a particular depth of experience in the USA.

He also has experience of providing corporate IP services, such as due diligence, freedom to operate assessments, patent portfolio management, patent infringement and validity opinions and advising clients regarding searching.

Peter has dealt with a variety of different clients in private and public sectors, including Universities and Government bodies, SMEs, start-ups and spin outs, through to large multinational corporations. This range provides a healthy sense of perspective to draw upon when advising clients.