• MSci (Hons) Physics, University of Glasgow
  • PhD in Electronics and Electrical Engineering (Structured Photonic Materials for Multi-Spectral Imaging Applications), University of Glasgow
  • Postgraduate Certificate in Intellectual Property, University of Bournemouth
  • UK Patent Attorney
  • European Patent Attorney

Iain McCrindle is a UK and European Patent Attorney, having joined Scintilla in 2016. Prior to entering the patent profession, Iain was employed as a Nanofabrication Engineer with Kelvin Nanotechnology where he fabricated semiconductor lasers and ion traps using micro/nanofabrication tools and processes.

During his PhD, Iain was a member of the University of Glasgow’s Microsystem Technology Group, where he worked as part of a team on the development of a multispectral imaging system. Iain’s research focused on the development of novel photonic materials comprising hybrid optical, infrared and terahertz structures for use in the multispectral imager.

Iain has co-authored several papers relating to his research and is named as a co-inventor on a patent.