• MPhys Astrophysics with a Year Abroad, University of Southampton
  • PhD in Astrophysics (The Formation of Globular Clusters in a Cosmological Context), University of Edinburgh

Frederika joined Scintilla as a Trainee Patent Attorney in September 2022.

Before joining the patent profession, Frederika completed a Masters degree at the University of Southampton in Astrophysics with a Year Abroad at the Center for Astrophysics which is part of Harvard University, USA. Her Masters thesis was focused on an observational project utilising X-ray data from the Chandra space telescope to study galaxy clusters, the brightest cluster galaxies and their black holes.

After graduating from the University of Southampton, Frederika moved to Edinburgh to begin her PhD in Astrophysics. Here, she moved on from observational studies to a theory based project. Her time at Edinburgh University involved studying and running her own set of cosmological computer simulations of the Universe in order to study a particular type of low-mass stellar systems known as globular clusters. Papers on both her postgraduate and masters work can be found here.

Frederika is excited to be starting on a new career path as a Trainee Patent Attorney with Scintilla and hopes to utilise both her physics knowledge and the writing, organisational and communication skills that she developed over her time in academia.