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An Example of a Domain Name Scam

I received an e-mail today from a domain name registrar saying that someone was trying to register my domain name in China.  Fortunately I have seen a lot of these before and so I know it is something to simply ignore.  This is a well known scam.  If you receive something like this please do […]

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Celebrating Six Months In Business!

It’s now six months since Scintilla opened its doors for business!   Taking the decision to set up my own new firm was of course a big step to make but it has absolutely been the right choice.  From a personal perspective it has been very enjoyable, and from a professional perspective my initial instinct […]

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US Court Decision in DDR vs Leaves Door Open to Software Patents

I recently posted about a decision in the US in the case of CLS vs Alice Corporation which related to the patentability of software claims.   Subsequently, the Eastern Discrict of Texas has decided a case, DDR Holdings, LLC v., L.P., 2013 WL 3187161 (E.D.Tex. 2013).  You can read details on the informative Patently-O […]

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