Protect your IP by securing patents, trade marks and registered designs around the world with the guidance of our experienced patent attorney and trade mark attorney team.  Build a portfolio with strategic intent, and defend yourself against your competitors’ claims with our commercially focused and pragmatic advice.

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Unlock the value of intellectual property in your business.  Craft a compelling narrative to support investment, demonstrate return on investment for your IP spend, or benefit from our fractional Chief Intellectual Property Officer (CIPO) function.

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Navigate your way through the intellectual property maze.  Take advantage of our flexible fixed fee plans which cover you for the IP registrations you need together with the strategic advice and education to make sure you avoid early pitfalls and steer your IP strategy in the right direction.

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“We’ve worked with Scintilla for various IP related pieces of work. I’ve always found them efficient, helpful and straight forward to deal with.  I’m comfortable that we can pass them complex matters and have them handled in our best interests both legally and commercially.”

Calum Murray, Amiqus Resolution

About Scintilla

We provide frank and practical advice about what is best for the protection of  your business.

Our Process

Scintilla offers a clear, transparent IP protection process. Learn more about our step-by-step framework.

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